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What’s the point of having 33 Million fans if you don’t do anything good with them?

Alexandra Wheeler


Many companies are spending a great deal of time updating and maintaining social media accounts but few are receiving a return on the time they invest.  What they may not know is that Social Media provides a valuable boon to inbound marketing, and lets them monitor and take advantage of those who engage with their brands online. That is – if someone shows them how to properly utilize it.

And that’s precisely where we come in…

As one of Vancouver’s leading Social Media Marketing companies, our team enables you to:

Reach out to new audiences

There are entire communities out there devoted to your service area or product range. Find them and you find a rich source of pre-qualified leads, customers and fans.

Nurture Relationships

You may engage with your customers, prospects and followers in your own marketing channels, but who engages with them in their own channels? Social media marketing is crucial to not just knowing what is being said about you online, but to controlling, shaping, and growing your image. Join in with your brand loyalists, console brand detractors, and win over the fence sitters.

Leverage the centrifugal nature of social networking.

News spreads online like wildfire. Use the spread of information, attitudes and loyalties to enhance and strengthen your brand, placing the world at your fingertips.

Join us Online

We develop social media play books for our clients and then show them how to develop, maintain and grow social media campaigns that are designed to fit and grow their business.  We can help you too so give us a call, a tweet, or just post to our wall.


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