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If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.

Jimmy Wales


Every day Google serves 5 billion search queries, and that number is doubling every two years. Twitter serves 19 billion image searches a month, and Google? A billion a day. Search engines are the largest source of traffic online, and making sure that you are using them properly is one of the most crucial aspects of your online marketing efforts.

Helping you find the people searching for you

People are searching for your content. How are you assuring that they find you?

Search marketing helps you find the people searching for you. It lets you guide search users to your content, your pages. In short, it helps you get found.

There are two key components to search marketing, each different and yet similar:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines are finicky things. Their first interest is the user, and they want to send that user to the best site the internet has to offer on the subject the user is searching for.

Search Engine Optimization is about preparing your website to be accessible and standards compliant with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To speak plainly, helps your website communicate its quality. The better you do it – and the relevant you are – the more traffic they send your way. This isn’t voodoo, this is the good old art of the sell.

Search Engine Advertising

Imagine if a billboard would only charge you if interested users looked at it? With well targeted search engine marketing, that’s how it works. Carefully chosen keywords, well used filters, and multitudes of search data, means you only pay for customers that are interested in buying.

At Dynamic Pulse Media, our search marketing campaigns are backed by two core strengths: the history of user research, understanding and strategy that comes with 20+ years of marketing experience, and up to the minute expertise that comes with highly skilled online staff.


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Driven by user research, content relevance and to-the-minute search trends, our SEO strategies position your brand at the front of your users browsing experience.
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We help local companies become local stars, optimizing your website for local markets, molding local listings into sales tools, and encouraging customer reviews.
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Paid Search

Don’t pay for the views of people who have no interest in your product. Purchase actual clicks from people searching for related products or services.
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