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What makes content enganging is relevancy.

Gail Goodman

The adage “content is king” may be dead, but online content is still your best tool for driving interest.

Whether you’re selling a service, a product or a cause, content strategies form the basis of your online marketing. Every day people search for thousands of words, hours of video, seas of images. From FAQs to comics, product descriptions to promotional videos, content is your most powerful tool for getting peoples attention.

Users are Searching for Words

Did you know that the average word count of the top ranking Google pages is around 900 words?  Google isn’t biased towards more words, rather in depth, informational content tops most search charts because it is what users are looking for.

Users are Searching for Video

Over 6 BILLION hours of video is watched every month on YouTube. Top ranking Youtube videos attract a billion views. Millions of people subscribe to Youtube channels per day. Video content is one of the fastest growing channels online.

Users are Searching for Images

Twitter handles 19 billion image searches per month, and Google? Over a billion per day. How are you using your image content to attract and convert visitors?

What strategy do you have to make those people pay attention to you?

At Dynamic Pulse Media, we have over 20 years experience creating powerful media campaigns that combine strong marketing with breath taking artistry. Our designers, strategists and marketers work hand in hand to capitalize on the opportunities in your industry, and position your company as the driver of your field.

Contact us about how we can help you connect with your visitors through:

  • Blogging
  • Video Production
  • Email
  • Mobile strategy
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Webinars

… and more

“Content is King” is dead. Long live “Content is King”.


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