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However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Sir Winston Churchill


Brand Strategy

We hire designers for our websites, chefs for our food, even barbers for our hair. Yet many companies still trust the message of their company to an executive, their image to a web designer.

At a+g media group, we bring 20 years of marketing and branding experience together set your brand apart.

Our three phrase process sheds light on your company and how it fits into the marketplace, then develops and defines a brand standard based on your values, your differences and your customers.

  • Who are you? Your history, your identity, what perception you want of your company, these are all part of understanding your self, understanding your brand.
  • Every company has huge amount of customer data available do them. We use this data to understand your customer trends, motivations, and unmet needs. Then we turn this into brand messaging that resonates with your customers.
  • We analyze the industry as a whole, understanding how your brand positions itself in context, amidst the trends and forecasts of the industry. Then we examine how other, related brands present them selves, and what industry presence they have. We analyze what makes you different, and develop a standard to launch your brand skyward. Once we’re done we can develop our research into a host of packages, including:
    • Brand ID Manual
    • Collateral
    • Logo Design
    • Mission Statements
    • Slogans
    • Value Propositions
    • Website copywriting


Here is what we can do for you

Brand Strategy

Three steps to shed light on how your company fits into the marketplace, to develop and define a brand standard based on your values, your differences and your customers.
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Brand Identity

Creating a powerful brand takes more than a flashy logo and a tagline. Your brand is a living entity, grown and pruned by the words and actions of your employees and customers.
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Brand Consulting

Sometimes all a brand needs is that little push over the edge. Whether you’re an established brand or an upcoming star, you need a little consulting to get your brand rolling.
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